April 18, 2007

Today's word

1. Ghetto - ядуусын хороолол, еврейчүүдийн хороолол (a poor area of a city)
2. Anglophone - Англиар ярьдаг хүн (An anglophone is someone who speaks English natively or by adoption )
3. Rum - Ром дарс
4. Guardian - Аврагч, асрагч (guard; protector; overseer; keeper, custodian)
5. Greener - Шинэ туршлагагүй хүн, гэнэн хүн (British Slang) foreigner who starts to learn tailoring or shoemaking upon arriving to England
6. Saucer - дийз (small flat dish on which a cup is placed)
7. Mountie hat - Цагдаагийн малгай
(policeman who rides horseback)
8. Wheat - Улаан буудай (cereal grass cultivated for its edible grains)
9. Lantern - дэнлүү, гэрэлт цамхаг (
case with transparent sides in which a light is contained)
10. Feather - өд (
one of the appendages which grow from a bird's skin (made up of thin strands projecting from a horny central stem)

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