April 25, 2009

NBA Playoff Chess

Энэ реклам таалагдав. Доорхыг орчуулаад өгвөл баярлана шүү.

The first move requires no pieces.
It is the look in the eyes of your opponent.
The iron gaze of a warrior.
The frozen stare of a man possessed.
The piercing glare of a champion

Feel his years, a lifetime of hunger and hope,
trifles and triumphs.
Search his heart for fear, show him none in return

No single piece can win a match. Combine several,
move them in concert and behold; a synchronized
symphony of force, push forward, attack, retreat
Or is it a trick? a ruse to draw out
the opposition.

Be watchful, as one avenue closes, another opens.
Employ tactics that advance your aims, while
perplexing your rival.

Be mindful of time but do not
grant a clock authority over your reason.

Defend with vigor. A skilled adversary is
beatable when his movements are restricted and his
patterns are exposed.

Tension grinds at the nerves.
Emotion can weigh a man down, or lift him in the air.
This is a game of kings, it is ballet of the brave choriagraphed on a wooden slam.
Promise your foe one thing,

Doom. Except only ultimate glory as your prize.
Know that winning and losing are black and white.
Master this game, and you will make the final move.
After all have fallen, you must stand alone crowned intact.

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